Object Lesson: The Perfect Travel Mug

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I drink a lot of coffee. If I bought coffee everyday on my way to work, the cost would add up pretty quickly. So most days, I try to brew my own cup of joe and take it with me. I'm not the world's most graceful (or careful) creature, so I grew very accustomed to a life soaked in spilled java. That is, until I discovered Oxo's LiquiSeal Travel Mug. This mug is actually leak-proof. There's a button on the top that seals it up so tightly I can throw it in my purse — upside down even. And unlike a thermos, you can pull the Oxo mug out of your bag, push that button and sip your coffee. I think it's so remarkable that I am constantly pushing the little vacuum seal button on the lid and wildly shaking the mug about to prove to friends that it doesn’t leak. (Though be warned: if you have just taken a sip, a small amount of liquid will remain in the top after you seal it shut. Be sure to drink those last few drops before tossing the sealed mug in your bag or before demonstrating its incredible non-leaking powers.) Also, if you’re like me you received dozens of stainless steel coffee mugs as Christmas presents in the late 90s (why was that?), and probably shudder to think of owning yet another one. But trust me, this is the mug to end all mugs. It will make your commute spill-free and put a dent in your dry cleaning bill.



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