Bedroom: Paint

Monday, November 27, 2006

This is an embarrassing confession: in my adult life I have only lived in apartments with white walls. I have never of my own volition painted walls a color, with the exception of the small bathroom in the apartment I live in now. (That room is painted a pretty shade of grey from Martha Stewart's line of Kmart paint called 'Mercury Glass.' My old roommate has it in her living room, as does her mother, and it manages to look quite different in each space.) For a portion of my adolescence I had a yellow bedroom and prior to that I had a floral Laura Ashley wallpapered extravaganza, but since I moved out of my parents home it's been white, white, whitte and more white.

Facing the prospect of a new home and a new canvas, I am tempted to go the safe, familiar route and paint everything white, at least to start. Everything matches white, it makes rooms seem more spacious and light, and you can always build color into a room in other ways. However, I would like to experiment with something other than snowy white.

Right now the room most likely to get some color on the walls is the bedroom. Part of me is tempted to opt for 'Mercury Glass' again. (Really, I like the color that much.) Another part of me is leaning towards a pale green color. At work I've been crazy for Benjamin Moore's 'Dill Pickle' lately, but it's a little too saturated for my personal tastes. I'm thinking of trying 'Dark Linen' with is two chips up from 'Dill Pickle' on the Benjamin Moore paint strip. It's a pale, celery kind of color that would also leave the room feeling light. It's also neutral enough to match with my various sets of sheets. I think the best bet is going to be to get a quart and try it on for size first. If it passes muster, I'll officially have taken the color plunge.


Anonymous said...

I can't tell from the photo what Dark Linen actually looks like, but I would save the "jazzy" colors for rooms other than the bedroom. Bedrooms should be soothing, not energizing, in my opinion; and Mercury Glass would be perfect for that!


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