Clean House: Kaboom

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kaboom Ultra Scrub is one fantastic product. It’s a cleaning cream with tiny granules that bares a somewhat alarming similarity to the Neutrogena Pore Refining Scrub that I use on my face. This stuff is one of the only products I have found that tackles my most difficult house-keeping challenge: my bathtub/shower stall. My particular tub has a no-slip texture built into the base of the tub to keep grannies (and hungover twenty-somethings) from taking a spill in the shower. When I moved in I tackled these rough patches that had gone grey with an old toothbrush and about a dozen different bleach-based products. None of them returned my tub’s base to a perfect pearly white except for Kaboom. (The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser also does the trick, but I end up using a whole eraser on one tub cleaning, which is not economical.) To top it off Kaboom smells good, actually it smells great — I’d wear it as a perfume in the summer, if it was available as an eau de toilet.


Caroline said...

You are such a weirdo. You would not wear it as perfume. I hope!

lilybettenoir said...

I really do want some for Christmas. But where do you buy it?

littlehouseinthecity said...

I am not a weirdo, it actually smells a bit like the Fresh Lemon Sugar. I swear. As for where to get it, I would say to look at health food/Whole Foods kind of stores, since it is a green product.


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