Last Night's Dinner

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Last night I cooked dinner for my friends Matt and Hope (Matt and I used to live together before I got my West Village studio). I cooked two great recipes that I hadn’t tried before. The first was a Moroccan Lamb recipe from Everyday Food and the second was a Mint and Arugula Salad that I pulled off of I also made some couscous to which I added a half of a small white onion and two shredded carrots. The lamb recipe was sweet and flavorful, and it really only took about the 15 minutes of active time the recipe suggests. The lamb ended up being a little chewy, and I a, not sure if this had to do with me not browning it correctly in the first step or if it was because I let the stew simmer some after I had tossed the lamb back into the pot. The salad was particularly delicious, but was a little painstaking, removing all the mint leaves from their stalks, de-pitting and slicing the olives, peeling the oranges and washing both the mint and the arugula took time that the recipe didn’t seem to account for. I loved the sliced red onions that had marinated in the orange dressing. (Note: I didn’t have the orange flower water the recipe called for, and it was just fine without it.) All in all, they were successful recipes, and I’d recommend them for an easy-ish meal. I served store-bought hummus, pitas and mixed olives before dinner for a no-fuss start to our meal.


Anonymous said...

What issue of Everyday Food? Depending on the type of lamb you use--shoulder chops, for example--you might need to cook it for awhile, like a stew. The salad sounds great, and there's still some mint around, at least until it freezes.


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