Object Lesson: Stainless Bath Accessories

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I can’t tell you how crazy I am for these suction cup bathroom organizers from The Container Store. The metal tubes are sized to fit a toothbrush and a toothpaste tube and stick to the wall tiles in your bath. What I like about them is that they keep your brush and paste near at hand while keeping them out of the way. No one want s to leave her brush just lying on the sink edge or the bathroom shelf. At the same time, these wall-mounted, storage units don’t hog counter space like normal toothbrush holders, and given the Lilliputian scale of most New York bathrooms, this is a major plus. Another reason I love this sleek duo is that they’re perfect for a single girl (or guy). There’s something infinitely depressing about the family-size toothbrush holder with room for four brushes. Truth be told, the slimmer two-brush holders might be even more depressing. With this design you can alwasy buy a second brush holder, if your honey wants to keep his Oral B at your place. Last but not least, unlike the suction cup bathroom organizers I remember from college, these puppies actually stay stuck to the wall.



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