Butterfly chair

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I’ve had my butterfly chair since I lived in my very first apartment down on Elizabeth Street. The folding chair is a classic design, and it’s also pretty comfortable to sit in. My chair’s cover is about to need replacing, which has made me start to wonder if I should keep it at all. I can’t decide if the wire-framed seat makes me think of some sleek mid-century interior or a dorm room. Maybe it’s just my personal association of my chair with my 19-year-old self? (While Knoll originally manufactured the chair, today it is available everywhere, including Target, where it is categorized as dorm furniture, ahem.) What do you think? Is it a 'do' or a 'don’t' for a (mostly) grown-up apartment?


lilybettenoir said...

I guess it depends on what else you will be using in your living room, but you might want to consider it for the bedroom, even if it doesn't work for the living room. It's great that you have (almost) a closing date--maybe a move right after Christmas? I know a poodle that would love to spend some time in Brooklyn!

Caroline said...

I think it's a visual do, but I kind of find them not so comfy? Maybe I'm just oddly particular?


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