Habitats: Charles Busch

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I found myself having a real fondness for Charles Busch, the homeowner featured in The New York Times ‘Habitats’ column today. Not only is his apartment pretty fantastic looking (that bedroom!), but his sensibility just struck a note with me. When the reporter revealed that this past summer’s Dorothy Draper exhibit had influenced him in his design, I immediately sympathized. (It was a great exhibition. In particular, a Draper-designed dressing table and the various pieces of paper ephemera knocked my socks off.) I also love, love, loved the last quote from Mr. Busch about his outrageous purple lamp. It made me want to make sure I offer my new neighborhood “a bit of street theater,” though I am not sure what exactly that might entail. If I ever get the chance, I think I’d like to take Mr. Busch out for a drink in the neighborhood — preferrably something bubbly and pink.


lilybettenoir said...

I liked that piece too, and thought the rooms looked great (and was surprised by the price of the first apt, not really that long ago--wonder about the 2nd.?) Also liked the piece about women buying, and I think there was another one you should see (but can't remember whic--long day). You could do a lamp in one of your living room windows--or a pair.


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