John Derian

Friday, December 15, 2006

On a late afternoon stroll yesterday, my boyfriend and I passed through John Derian’s shop on East 2nd Street. Of all the shops in the city, John Derian is certainly one of the nicest. I am just crazy for his signature decoupage pieces, and all the other items in the store have been chosen with a expert eye. As we were in the store, I noticed that the walls were painted a nice shade of pale green, though a little more lime-colored than I aim for in the new apartment. I happened to have my Benjamin Moore paint chip in my notebook, so I pulled it out for a quick comparison. Judging by the side by side of the walls in the shop and the chip, I’m going to opt for the lighter of the two shades I had been debating.

*Photograph originally appeared in The New York Times Style Magazine (Fall 2005)


Elizabeth said...

There was a fabulous story on his apartment in Elle Decor this past year called "Lord of the Fleas." Judging by the letters to the editor a lot of readers were appalled but I think you would love it. And in this past month's issue there was another story I think you'd like, too.


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