Adhesive Window Film

Monday, February 05, 2007

Living on the ground floor means I always have my curtains drawn, which frankly, I hate. One morning last week the sun was streaming in from the crack between the curtains and all I wanted to do was throw them open, but I was in my towel after getting out of the shower and I didn't want to expose myself to the people walking the streets of Fort Greene. A little investigation turned up these pretty and practical adhesive window films at 2Jane. They stick right on the window to obscure the view, but the also let the sun shine in. I love the idea of getting both the light and the privacy I crave without having to permanently alter the windows themselves. I was trying to decide between these two patterns.
Then this morning I saw that SwissMiss had another great post, this time about some even cuter window film, right here. I love, love, love the flowerpot motif. It's pretty and sly all at once. If I could only figure out what the shipping costs from Sweden are...


Valerie said...

Great solution! Love it!

lilybettenoir said...

I used some of this stuff in my classroom window, to keep the inmates from seeing what's going on out in the hall--got it a Home Depot, kind of a "Tiffany-glass" look. I thought it might be good for our newly redone powder room, but then remembered the panes--better on a pane-less window, I think.


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