Great margaritas and not enough work...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Well, I didn’t get as much done this weekend as I had hoped, but 70 degree weather on a Saturday in January proved to be too distracting for even a determined home-improver. I did get the toilet fixed, which I will post about later. To my great dismay I discovered that my nearest hardware store is of the variety where everything is behind the counter and you must ask one of the people working there to get you what you want. Boo. I like being able to walk about and poke through all the fun hardware store wares. I’ve also finished moving the last of my things over to the new apartment. My living room is a mess of unpacked boxes, and I am afraid it will stay that way for a few weeks while I am sorting this all out. Ugh. Soon though, very soon it will feel like home. In the meantime, at least I can dig out a wineglass if I want one.

The neighborhood is treating me well. Last night I discovered that Pequena, a shoe-box sized Mexican restaurant just down the street from my new digs in Fort Greene, serves a very tasty margarita and tasty dinner. (I also learned that Pequena seems to be owned by the folks who own nearby Olea, another yummy restaurant.) We had the poblano peppers stuffed with cheese and the fish soft tacos (with sautéed fish). The peppers were good and the tacos were fantastic — I could eat those tacos nearly every night. The accompanying rice and beans though humble were yummy. The regular margarita had a nice kick of lime, as did the day’s special kiwi margarita, though both could have used a wee bit more tequila. My only real complaint is with the bathroom. The tiny powder room’s toilet has a beaten up, worn-out, old toilet seat. Why? A new toilet seat would cost them all of $5. It’s not that they have not made the effort. Someone has installed a decorative border of tiles and a cute Mexican-inspired mirror. The toilet paper itself is on a fancy little stand — surely a new toilet seat could arranged?



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