Setting Deadlines

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I have been very slow getting to work on this apartment. Part of my renovation lethargy stems from my job falling on my bad side in recent weeks (my job is like a boyfriend that I fight with constantly, but can’t seem to find a good enough reason to dump), which makes me unenergetic about many things. It’s also because work-drain makes me very keen to spend the weekend lazing about on the weekend pretending I don’t have work to go back to on Monday morning, which lately has meant heading out of the city proper for a mini-escape.

I am officially vowing to myself that I will paint the damn bathroom this weekend. It’s less than a day’s work, and I really ought to just tackle it. The first step is to figure out where I can buy paint in Fort Greene. If I am extra ambitious, I will also paint my dining table and benches that are in desperate need of a fresh paint job. Then the next project I’m going to set a date for is painting the kitchen, which I intend to tackle Presidents Day weekend. These fixes were things I thought I would have done before I moved in, so it’s high time I start setting some deadlines for getting them done.



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