Bathroom looking somewhat better...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In addition to the Herculean task of painting the kitchen this weekend, I also painted my beige bathroom. While there is nothing that can be done about the tiles, I do think that the swap from institutional off-white to crisp white-white has made an improvement in the room. Here’s a snap of the bathroom now:

I’m not crazy about the white toilet seat on the beige toilet: To me it looks like a poor attempt to hide the toilet. So, I have been toying with the idea of buying a wood toilet seat (weird, I know). I checked them out at Home Depot this evening, and decided not to buy the one they had there because its hardware was brass, which doesn’t match the stainless and chrome in my bath at all. I’m going to hunt around for a wood seat with silver-colored hardware, but I wonder am I totally nuts to be hunting for a wooden toilet seat in the first place? Should I just leave well enough alone? I’ve also had my eye on these bathroom accessories from Martha Stewart’s Everyday line at Kmart:

I feel like they would help to tie the room together, but again, I wonder if I am beating a dead horse trying to get this bathroom to look like anything other than it is without ripping the tile out first. I also don’t need new bath accessories, making the purchase seem all the more frivolous. However, that said, I have eyeballed them enviously more than once in the Kmart.

I’m going to put the doors back on the kitchen cabinets now. WOOOooo HOOooo! Pictures to come in the morning.


Elizabeth said...

I vote no wood toilet seat!


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