Generic vs. Name Brand

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Normally I am a big fan of generic products: they save me money and I don't get fussed about missing out on a name brand. However, there are times when I do care. Has anyone else noticed that generic tapes are never as good as name brand ones? I’ve always know this about duct tape, which is a lifesaver if it is actual Duct tape and a nuisance if it’s just a generic version. During my painting project I found the same to be true of blue masking tape. I started out using a 3M one, which was great, but then when I ran out I started using a generic one from the hardware store, and it just wasn’t up to stuff. If you can spare the extra few cents (or at most dollar), I’d say stick with tried-and-trusted name brands when it comes to your sticky tape needs.

* Photo by H. Berends via stockxchng


Rhea said...

I agree about the tape. And there are a few other products whose generic incarnation is crummy compared to the name brand one. Funny, isn't it?


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