The Good Appetite

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yesterday's Dining section in The New York Times featured a new column called 'A Good Appetite.' From the looks of it and the NYT's own description of the column, "This column, about the thoughts and inspirations behind home cooking, will appear in the Dining section," I think I'm going to have an appetite for 'The Good Appetite'. The debut column by Melissa Clark is about eating breakfast for dinner, specifically grits. I was particularly taken with the piece because I eat grits for dinner — a lot. It's a quick, easy hot meal that is satisfying enough to make your body think it had a proper meal. Clark dresses hers up quite a bit by the end of the article, which is fine too, because really why not have breakfast for dinner? Another favorite in-a-rush meal I make often is a simple green salad and a couple of scrambled eggs with lots of ground pepper.


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