The Kitchen: Before

Saturday, February 17, 2007

So, I am finally getting around to all this painting I have been talking about. Yesterday I did all the prep for the kitchen and got the kitchen walls painted. I also painted the bathroom — finally! Here’s a snap of the kitchen pre-paint, with the doors taken off of most of the upper cabinets. I’d originally said I was going to take down the cabinet about the stove, but I have found that I really need the storage space. So, for now, it’s going to stay. I may mount some shelves or hooks in the space between the cabinets eventually to make the most of the wall space.

I drove over to Lowe’s for paint, since the nearest paint store to my apartment is on Washington and Fulton, which is a little too far to walk. I figure if I’m going to drive, I might as well go somewhere with a parking lot. Because I was at Lowe’s I had to forgo my preference for Benjamin Moore paint for Valspar paint. I always wonder why Home Depot and Lowe’s sell the brands of paint they do: Behr at Home Depot and Valspar and Olympic at Lowe’s. Does anyone know?

In any case, I opted for Bistro White (70006-4) in semi-gloss for the walls, Anthem White (7006-24) in high gloss for the cabinet exteriors and trim, and Homestead Resort Sky Blue (7004-5) for the cabinet’s interiors. A lot of people would be horrified at my choice of semi-gloss for the walls, but I like how easily semi-gloss clean up. I also don’t mind the extra reflection of light that you get from a semi-gloss. (I used the same paint on the walls of the bathroom as well.) More pictures to come later this afternoon.



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