Latest ebay Obession: Owls

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The latest items I am stalking on eBay are these funny glass owls. Manufactured by Fenton glass (a great name, by the way), these little hooters are just adorable. Some seem to be made to have a candle put inside of them, as the sellers describe them as "fairy lights." I would just keep them around as objets. While the pastel owls have starting bids of $10 or less, the black owl's starting bid is nearly $80! There's also mention of an elusive purple owl in one of the listings. I can only imagine what is sellls for. If you're interested in a little owl of your own, simply search "Fenton" and "owl," and don't forget to check out the eBay stores, there's tons of good stuff in there.



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