CFL Lightbulbs

Friday, March 16, 2007

As a journalist, I’ve written about switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs for years, but it was only recently that I made the switch in my own home. (I was shocked to discover that my electric bill had doubled when I moved to Brooklyn.) I’ve got the CFLs in four of my lamps now, and I am waiting patiently to see if this takes a bite out of my steep utilities bill. For me, the jury is still out on the quality of the light that the fluorescent bulbs produce. The cast light is not as warm or friendly as incandescent light, but this may just be because I associate the old type of glow with every home I have ever lived in before. Don’t get me wrong, the look of these bulbs in my lamps is a far cry for the harsh fluorescent glare in my office, but it’s still not ideal. Forgive me for complaining a little. I want to do my part to save energy, but the time I spent backstage in the theater has programmed me to have very critical eye towards the light within a room.


lilybettenoir said...

We are using them selectively, and especially in hard to change fixtures. One way to improve the color might be to line the insides of lampshades with a warm-colored lining. Or get lampshades that are warm in tone. I hope to gradually replace many more. But one big problem remains (I think)--the fact that they cannot be used with a dimmer!

Elizabeth said...

The earth-friendly issue of Domino had a whole page of the best bulbs for different situations. I think for table lamps they suggested the Ikea brand. Have you tried them?

whitney arlene said...

Thanks for writing about this, I'm curious about your findings.

We just closed on a house yesterday and have to go out and buy light bulbs this weekend. I definitely want to go with the energy-saving bulbs but also want them to decently light a room.


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