Deal Hunter?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nothing makes me more frustrated than media claiming to cover "budget" items and then showing things that I couldn't afford. Well, actually politics do tend to get me riled up, but I'm thinking more in terms of everyday annoyances. Case in point: the "Deal Hunter" at Domino has "found" some Riedel glasses for a mere $10 a piece. Yes, I love the sleek look of this drinkware as well, but I'm never going to say that it's a bargain, or anything close to a "deal."

However, there are some great resources for inexpensive and chic glassware that Domino's Deal Hunter apparently does not know about. Crate & Barrel and their sister company, CB2 are both fantastic sources for affordable glasses. The Marta glasses at CB2 is one of my all-time favorites (and a dead-ringer for that $10 whiskey glass). It's as slim as a Riedel (they are so delicate my boyfriend has successfully broken several of mine), but at almost a tenth of the price of the Riedel glasses I don't even flinch when another one meets its fate. Martha Stewart Everyday at Kmart, IKEA and Luminarc (at most big box stores), are also all good sources for affordable day-to-day glasses.


Anonymous said...

I so hear you...I recently posted on Domino's forum about this - how annoying that they went from being a magazine that supposedly hunted out the stylish deals to one that regularly features $5K couches that more than half of their readership probably can't afford! Same with older sister mag Lucky...sheesh! I guess their salaries went up since starting the mags (not to mention all of the free things they get from companies trying to kiss their asses) and they no longer care about deals. Sorry. Just had to respond, up till now I thought I was alone in noticing so kudos to you on your post!


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