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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Here’s a neat link from the Ikea website: It’s an archive of the past Ikea catalog covers. I was tickled to poke through Ikea’s design past. (You get to see all the covers from 1951 to 2005.) I was also surprised by how contemporary some of the 60s and 70s covers seem today, and how awful some of the covers from the 80s and 90s were. No wonder so many people sneer at Ikea!

Meanwhile, I had always thought that the SKRUVSTA armchair was a present day spin on swinging sixties style. However, there it is, right on the cover of the Ikea catalog from 1967. This sleek chair has an Emma Peel vibe, but it still looks fresh today. Judging by some of the other catalog images, Ikea has been very loyal to its designs over the years.


sfgirlbybay said...

fun post! thanks for pointing out - i'm going to take a look for sure.

Little House said...

Thanks! My love for all things Ikea is never-ending.

The Adventures of Barbie Cruise said...

Hi Laura, I tried clicking on the link for the archived catalogues and it brought me to the IKEA homepage, can't seem to find the front covers.

Where did you get the original link from? I have been trying to find out if there is an archive of IKEA catalogues which I can access. Do you know of anything?

Grace x

Laura Fenton said...

Oh, I wish I knew. That post was from more than four years ago. You could try contacting Ikea's public relations team to ask.


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