A not-so-little house

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Once again, my pal, Daphne, has unearthed a great article. The headline for this gem from the Daily Telegraph was "Gangster who built world's tallest log cabin," and indeed the article is about a Russian gangster who has built an enormous wooden house, albeit an uncompleted one:
Dominating the skyline of Arkhangelsk, a city in Russia's far north-west, it is believed to be the world's tallest wooden house, soaring 13 floors to reach 144ft - about half the size of the tower of Big Ben.

The house that Sutyagin built is also crumbling, incomplete and under threat of demolition from city authorities determined to end the former convict's eccentric 15-year project.
You must, must, must click on the slideshow to see the house from many angles and to behold Sutyagin's remarkable Russian hat, which I might add bears a striking resemblence to my own Russian hat (see below). If only my Russian were a little better, I bet this gangster and I would make fast friends. I mean, who wouldn't love this man, "He even built a five-storey bath house in the garden, complete with rooms where he and his colleagues could have a little bit of privacy with their girlfriends. But Sutyagin was never to complete his dream. In 1998 he was handed a four-year prison sentence, his third jail term, on racketeering charges. He says he was set up."


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