Green Thumb

Saturday, May 10, 2008

To my surprise, I have discovered that I might love gardening. My first foray into this new realm was planting a bunch of impatiens last weekend. Our block association had gotten flats of these little annuals from the city for a subsidized rate, and a neighbor and I decided they were such a good deal we really had no excuse not to take part in our block beautification. I ended up planting all of the plants in our three tree pits last Sunday when it was surprisingly lovely outside, and I found it a wonderfully soothing, pleasant way to pass a morning. (A corner of one tree pit above, and impatiens below.)

Impatiens led to conversations with my other neighbors about our front yard, and suddenly I seem to be the head of the Gardening Committee here at the corner of Carlton Ave., which is a role I am happy to assume. Because the truth is, I’ve also found myself thinking about planting and pruning things all week.

Today another neighbor and I went to the garden center down in Red Hook and picked up dirt, manure and peat moss for our front yard. Tomorrow we’ll be turning up the soil to prepare for a bunch of plants we are getting for free from another yard. I’ll take some before pictures of the front yard tomorrow so you can see the fruits of our labor. I’ll also post some pictures of the impatiens as they grow and of the sweet potato vines I plan to plant alongside the impatiens.



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