South Slope

Saturday, May 10, 2008

One last thing about my Sunday last weekend. My friend C. and I went over to a backyard barbecue that looked directly into an old boyfriend's former window. Looking up at his old window was a little bit of a surprise, but I was more even more surprised at how much of Park Slope has crept up the eastern stretches of 5th Avenue. Four years back Buttermilk was the only bar nearby, now there's a number of places within a few blocks, including this chi-chi restaurant, Sidecar, just across from Buttermilk, where we had a damn fine hamburger.

Photo courtesy of Sidecar's website.


Property in Brazil said...


Nice post. You were surprised to see all this, I think the world is changing very quickly with the passage of time. I too had too surprised when last time I visited my friend after a long time and I was surprised to see that all the scenario was changed.


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