Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is This How They Make a Living?

In the last week or so I have come across two design businesses that made me wonder: Is this really how someone makes a living? What are these people's day jobs? The first was Domestic Construction, which was written up by Daily Candy New York. Domestic Construction (shown above) describes themselves as:
Domestic Construction is a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in interiors, environments and one of a kind fashion and home products.

The second business that made me wonder was Chroma Lab (shown above), which was recently written up on Design*Sponge. Chroma Lab's 'About Us' page reads:
In 2006 we began transforming neglected but promising pieces of furniture by repairing and repainting them for ourselves and for our friends. It was a lot of fun, and it turns out other people like vibrant and repurposed furniture and accessories, too. We started Chroma Lab for anyone whose home needs a shot (or a lot) of pick-me-up color in the form of high quality furniture and unique, hand crafted clocks and durable floorcloths.
So, my question is, "Is this their livelihood?" Is this really how they make a living? If so, I have clearly got to get to work figuring out how to set up my own design studio. I love both of these studios' work, but I can't imagine it would actually pay the bills.

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