Last night in Brooklyn.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

All those cheers of Yes We Can, turned into emphatic cries of Yes We Did last night. I am so proud of this country and so hopeful for its future.

Last night I watched the election returns come in at a friend’s apartment uptown. I saw people filling the streets and cheering as I headed downtown towards Brooklyn. What I saw in Manhattan filled me with happiness, but what I found in Fort Greene made me laugh out loud. I can’t describe how happy everyone was, but if you want to take a look, click here, a friend was kind enough to share some video with me. People were literally dancing in the streets. They were spilling out of bars onto sidewalks and sitting on brownstone stoops. The crowd watching Obama’s acceptance speech at Rope was so thick that I couldn’t even make my way through it to reach my friends. The bar actually ran out of beer it was so busy.

Come three in the morning people were still in the streets yelling their heads off. As my friends and I walked across Washington Street, we would cheer at everyone whose path we crossed and then they would cheer right back. Then the shouts would ripple up the street--a constant wave of ‘Wooo Hoos’ and ‘Yes We Dids.’ As I walked down Lafayette, I could hear a roar of voices coming from further down the street. Outside of Moe’s people were still crowding the sidewalks. Down on DeKalb people were singing, drumming and dancing at Madiba. My friend Jackie tells me that after she left she was riding the back of a garbage truck at four in the morning.

It was glorious, and I loved my neighborhood even more than ever. I loved it for its enthusiasm, for its almost reckless hope and most of all, for its unrestrained joy. There is no place I would have rather been as I finally fell asleep last night than in Fort Greene listening to the sounds of conga drums and my neighbors cheering.



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