Bad Recipe: Feta-and-Cucumber Dip

Friday, December 12, 2008

The birthday party last weekend was a huge success. I put together a spread of snacks for everyone. Most of the food required no prep, like cheeses, olives, bread sticks, but I decided to try a dip recipe from Martha Stewart Living. The Feta-and-Cucumber Dip ran in an old holiday issue, and I thought it sounded like a nice dip for a crudite platter.

Sadly, I cannot recommend this recipe. (Sorry, Martha.) First of all it was much too fussy of a recipe for a dip, all the draining and salting of cucumber was just a pain. Second, the cucumber had a weird stringy texture/shape when it was grated length-wise. If I had know, I would have been sure to chop the grated cucumber before mixing it into the dip.



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