A good contractor is hard to find

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I haven’t been very aggressive in my hunt for a contractor for the closet project in my apartment. However, my experience of looking for one has lead me to believe that finding a reliable contractor is perhaps as hard as finding a good boyfriend. The first contractor I met, was wonderful. Kind, smart and patient, the only problem was he didn’t call me back. It was just like meeting a great guy who just isn’t interested in you.

Subsequent searching for a contractor revealed a guy who sounded super-nice on the phone and came strongly recommended from my friend who owns a hardware store. However, when it came time to arrange a meeting, he said, “Oh, I don’t come to Brooklyn.” Another contractor told me he would give me an estimate if I could email him some photos and a description of the scope of work. He seemed to think it was unneccassary to actually come to see the space. A third contractor gave me an uneasy feeling and kept pushing to do way more work than I actually wanted to do.

Finally, I found Stefan. Stefan is another friend of a friend, and he reminds me a lot of the first contractor (in fact, they are acquaintances). Stefan seems a little more attentive than Contractor #1 and projects that we can do the work in the first week of January, which would be fantastic. He came by on Wednesday night and I am currently awaiting estimates for the work—we’ll see what he has to say. My fingers are crossed. I am cautiously optimistic, as the man who recommended Stefan also introduced me to my mechanic, Louie, whom I adore.



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