Another Reason to Hate Ratner...

Friday, January 30, 2009

A post on Brownstoner yesterday indicated that the Carlton Ave. bridge could be closed for up to another FOUR years. This is yet another thing that makes me angry about the Atlantic Yards project. When I first moved to Fort Greene, I could walk across the bridge to Prospect Heights, but the bridge was closed about a year ago. Now, if I want to get over the Yards, I need to walk up to Vanderbilt or down to S. Portland. Cutting neighborhoods off from one another for four years seems unacceptable to me, but I guess there isn't anything that can be done about it. Here's the post from Brownstoner:
DOT cut a much more generous deal with Forest City than was initially made public and ESDC perpetuated the myth to the appelate court, according to a fascinating and detailed expose yesterday on the Atlantic Yards Report. ESDC first told the public in 2007's Final Environmental Impact Statement that the bridge would be closed for two years. A Freedom of Information Act request by AY Report's Norman Oder, however, revealed that Forest City has three years to complete the project with another two years tacked on in the case of an "unavoidable delay." "The reconstruction of the bridge was not necessary," Council Member Letitia James said. "Governor Paterson should return the bridge to a state of good repair and reopen it immediately to the community."
Contract Gives FCR Three Years (And Maybe More) [AY Report]



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