Espresso Makers

Friday, January 23, 2009

Last weekend when I went to make espresso for my friend S. and I, I discovered that the rubber gasket on the pot had gotten so old that it no longer made a proper seal. I have an old Bialetti stovetop espresso maker like the one above, and I am happy to find that I can order a replacement gasket pretty easily (though I plan to check at a local coffee store first to avoid shipping costs, if I can). While the Bialetti makes good coffee, I was spoiled over the holidays by my parents' fabulous Breville espresso machine like the one below. I must say that if I ever have a kitchen with a lot of counterspace, I would be more than happy to have an electric espresso machine like the Breville. It makes great coffee, and unlike some inferior machines, it foams milk almost as well as a professional machine. (Trust me, I served coffee for most of the 90s, so I know a thing or two about steaming milk.)



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