Flowers in NYT

Friday, January 30, 2009

When I opened yesterday's 'Home' section of The New York Times, I couldn't figure out the curious floral arrangements in an otherwise minimal loft. I thought to myself that if they had been the homeowner's misguided idea of "styling" that surely the producer or the photographer from The Times could have gently suggested that something else might be better for the shots. However, deep within the text of the article about the SoHo loft the provenance of the larger-than-life bouquets was revealed. "Mr. Azari’s son, Behrang Azari, 25, a musician and floral designer known as Johnny B., whose aesthetic contribution is the many flower groupings throughout the place — black lilies, pink amaryllis, golden Chinese lanterns." I am sure that Mr. Azari is very talented, but he obviously hasn't ever styled for many photo shoots before and I am afraid he missed the mark. It sort of warmed my heart that the NYT went ahead and shot the loft with the arrangements anyway and was tactful to describe them as an "aesthetic contribution."


Elizabeth said...

I love that you posted this. I usually look at the pics first and the whole slide show I was thinking, "WTF with those flowers?!" Even after reading it was the son's "contribution" I couldn't believe no one edited!

Little House said...

I'm glad you thought the same thing! As soon as I posted that I wondered if I was being too mean.


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