Caroll Taveras’s Photo Studio project

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I realized that I never uploaded the portrait Caroll Taveras took of me as part of her Photo Studio project. Here it is in all its odd glory! It's a sort of weird photo, isn't it? I wasn't quite sure what to do with myself and Caroll (who was absolutely sweet and adorable) offered me a carnation to hold for the shot.

Caroll told me and my friend that she had been given the space for the duration of the project by the woman who owned the building. Apparently, a Domino's Pizza had formerly occupied the space and the landlord was willing to lend her storefront to an artist while looking for a new tenant. (That's a landlord I like!) We were both thrilled to meet Caroll and have her take out photos. Hopefully, she'll revive the project in New York again soon. Word is she's taking the idea to Berlin next.


Tim said...

Well, it is sort of an odd picture of you, but I'll copy it to my Family Pictures file just for the record.

So who's this Caroll Taveras...a photographer or a rock star as portrayed in the photo I see when I click on her link?

Elizabeth said...

It's funny - it looks like you but it doesn't look like you... But a nice photo.

Kelsey said...

I forgot to tell you that I ran into her at the Vanessa Beecroft opening last month. Funny/awkward conversation: "Hey remember me? I'm one of the 2,000 people you shot in your studio... Oh nevermind. But hello."


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