The Local, Fort Greene/Clinton Hill

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The New York Times has launched three new blogs under the heading "The Local," and one is going to be all about Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. Here's a description of the new blog from editor Andy Newman:
The Local is an online news site for these communities. But if we build it right together, The Local will be something much more: a glorious if cacophonous chorus of your voices singing the song of life itself in these astoundingly varied and vibrant neighborhoods.

With your input, The Local will tell stories that matter: crime and politics and culture and civic life and everything else. Some stories will be snapshots, mere moments. Others will unfold over days or weeks or marking periods — the birth pangs of a food coop or a high school newspaper, the aftermath of a crime, and, as the unstoppable wave of local gentrification crashes into the unstoppable wave of global economic meltdown, an ever-growing tale of loss and struggle.

I heard Andy on NPR yesterday and really enjoyed listening to him. I look forward to reading the blog in the coming weeks. It's certainly a welcome addition to the print edition of the NYT's local Brooklyn coverage.



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