Revealed: Shelves and Cabinets!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So, here's a quick peek at the shelves and cabinets. As you can see, I am not done getting things into their places: None of the art has been hung up and there are books all over my living room. (I've identified four boxes worth of books to be given away, which was tough for me to do.) You can also see that the cabinets are very high (look at the chair for scale). When I measured everything I apparently didn't think to measure the height of the cabinets, and as it turns out, kitchen cabinets are much higher than desktops.

The guys are coming back on Saturday to finish the patch on the floor, and they are going to take the legs off the cabinets then, so they'll be about four inches shorter, which should be much better. Otherwise, this is pretty much how the new storage will look.


Anonymous said...

Or you could get a tall bar stool to use as your desk chair.

Anonymous said...

That looks great.


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