Long Weeked!

Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Memorial Day weekend, which means summer is finally here. Plus, the weather in New York seems to be cooperating with my notions of when summer should start--today is absolutely beautiful. It's super-hard to be stuck at my desk all day. I'm headed upstate in about 5 hours for a long weekend with friends. Here are some of the things I hope/plan to do:
  • Admire my friend S. and T.'s gardening skills. The shot above is a morning glory vine on their front porch last summer.
  • Junk shop in Coxsackie, Ravenna and maybe Hudson.
  • Barbecue in the backyard; not worry about getting covered in sauce.
  • Eat everything in site at taco night with our culinary friends one town up the road.
  • Spend a night at the drive-in movie theater.
  • Play with other people's dogs.
  • Run! I have a half marathon next weekend and I need to get in some miles.
  • Read some of my current book, The Inheritance of Loss.
I also have to do some work, which is too bad, but it's also a blessing because it means I am busy and getting paid. Hope you all have a great weekend too!

Baby Blue Kobenstyle Pans

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear eBay,

Why must you tempt me with things that I do not need? You're worse than the finest boutique or the most wonderful flea market because you're open all the time. And worse still, you email me constantly to tell me when my favorite things have come into stock. I won't take it anymore. This round of baby blue Kobenstyle pans by Dansk is just too much! I mean, a small Dutch oven, a large Dutch oven and a paella pan, all in good condition? You are a horrible tease.


Amy Butler Bedding

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Speaking of Decor8, I was thrilled to read that Amy Butler is putting out a bedding line! Yay! I love Amy's patterns and have used them in my own home and for craft projects for work. Here's what Holly has to report about the line:
It’s her first bedding collection with Welspun and is produced with 100% organic cotton and printed with low impact dyes proving that eco-friendly bedding can be bold and gorgeous. The bedding is 400 thread count and Amy tells me that it feels gorgeous to the touch.

Crafts in Country Living

I've been making crafts for Country Living magazine over the last few months, and I am so excited that my projects are finally appearing in print. Above are two images from a slideshow up on Country Living's website right now, both originally appeared in the June issue, which is on newsstands now. Not only did I make this cookie tin into a clock, I made nearly a dozen other vintage objects into time-tellers. A lot of work, but tons of fun. The paper flowers at the left were made out of vintage sewing patterns.

I was also thrilled to see that Holly from Decor8 ran a post about Country Living's clever ideas last week. It's great to know that people you admire are inspired by the work you're doing. Thanks, Holly!

Bonne Maman Jars

Monday, May 18, 2009

My friends over at Lemondrop.com asked me what is my favorite multi-use item for the home. After a moment's thought, I realized that my favorite item is definitely a glass jam jar, specifically the Bonne Maman ones. Every time I finish a jar of jam I rinse out the jar, soak off the label and re-use it as a container to store leftover quantities of pantry staples, like almonds, walnuts, barley and lentils (above). The pretty red and white tops look great in your cabinets and the jars are a good size to store that last cup or two of a particular item.
The other day I made it over to the new neighborhood shop, Dossier. (I wrote about Dossier in a post a few weeks back.) The shop has a very odd mix of things for sale, most of which I wasn't particularly interested in purchasing, but I was thrilled to discover that these three wooden eggs were a mere $10 for the set. Definitely worth stopping in for a look if you are in the neighborhood.

Recent Flea Market Finds

Sunday, May 17, 2009

How great are both of these flea market finds. Above is a small painting and below is a bird-shaped basket, both were picked up at the Brooklyn Flea. I'd been admiring the small poppies portrait for some time and finally decided that I loved it enough to fork over $25 for it. The bird basket was a total impulse buy--it was just too weird and wonderful to resist.


Lilac season, why must you be so short? There is nothing I love more than the smell of a fresh bouquet of lilacs, and I have been buying them every week at the farmer's market. Each week I am terrified that there won't be any left for this season. Thankfully, they're still here for the time being. Above is this week's bunch, plus one tiny spring for my bathroom sink below. The sweet little bottle in the bathroom shot is a recycled perfume bottle!


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