Clever Framing Solution

Monday, January 18, 2010

For Christmas, my boyfriend gave me two antique prints, which he had framed at his local frame shop. He's raved about the shop to me before for their friendliness and reasonable prices. I was struck by this clever detail on the bottom two corners of each frame: Silicone dots to keep the frame hanging straight on the wall. Such a simple touch, but it makes a world of difference. And anyone who has been to my apartment full of crooked pictures can tell you, I should add them to all of my frames. Does anyone know what these little guys are called?


Elizabeth said...

I bought very similar looking things at the hardware store but they were white. Look wherever you would find felt dots or the things that go on the bottom of chair legs.

Liz Fenton said...

I don't know what that is, but I use something called Museum Wax, which I bought at The Artery, in Davis. It's also great for making candles stand up straight.

elly said...

These clever little things are called "bump ons" and they prevent your frame from scratching your wall when is moves around. You can get these from your framer or from a craft store like Michaels that sells frames and frame parts... there is also a type of bump on that has a little pin sticking out to press into the wall. These are handy for pictures on walls with doors that cause alot of jarring!

Laura Fenton said...

thanks, everyone!


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