Ronnybrook Yogurt... and a tip

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Part of my Saturday routine is to stop by the Fort Greene Farmers Market. Every week, I stop by Ronnybrook Farm's stand to pick up a container of plain yogurt, and when I know I'll be out of town the next weekend, I pick up two. I cannot tell you how much I love Ronnybrook yogurt. It is so delicious that all other yogurt has started to taste like glue--even former favorite brands like Brown Cow pale in comparison to Ronnybrook.

Ronnybrook is a family-owned farm in upstate New York, which has been in business for 75 years. Their cows are grass-fed and able to roam freely. Knowing that they are a local, animal-friendly and eco-conscious farm makes me like Ronnybrook even more.

Ronnybrook's flavored yogurts are very subtly flavored and not too sweet. I used to buy either the maple or the maple-vanilla flavors, but one day it occurred to me that I could opt for the plain and stir my own maple syrup into the yogurt. The key advantage to this is that I can sweeten it to exactly the amount of maple I crave. Plus, it means that I have plain yogurt on-hand for cooking, which flavored yogurt is no good for.


337 Greenwich said...

I love Ronnybrook! I do the same thing, I buy plain and stir in a big spoonful of my favorite honey from the farmer's market. I even made frozen uyogurt from it the other day. Yum! ps: i like your blog :-)

337 Greenwich said...

I love Ronnybrook too! I do the same thing, buy plain and add a big spoonful of my favorite honey from the farmer's market. I even made frozen yogurt out of it the other day! Yum! Ps: I like your blog :-)

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