It All Comes Back Around

Monday, April 19, 2010

Above are a pair of Sebago Docksides that I am thinking of purchasing this spring. They look almost exactly like a pair I had in about the fourth grade (in fact, everyone had them at that time). This is not the first time I've found myself craving an memory-inducing style: A few years back I bought a pair of fringed moccasins that greatly resembled a pair of shoes I'd had in junior high. Not long ago, I rediscovered the beauty of a Brooks Brothers oxford cloth shirt--in that instance, I was literally wearing the same shirt I'd had for 15+ years.

I guess certain fashions are timeless, they may go in an out of your life (or style), but if you loved them once, you very well may love them again. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that I don't fall back into love with the whole Doc Martens and flannel-shirt-around-the-waist look, shall we?



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