A Spring Weekend in Montauk

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last weekend, we went out to Montauk with a bunch of friends to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday and his brother's birthday. I lived (and worked) in Montauk for what may be the finest summer of my life, so it's a place I hold very dear in my heart. Montauk is not the Hamptons, it's a little rough and tumble, a lot salty and still very much "The End."

Above is the lighthouse at the Point and below is a short photo essay of some of the things we did on our fantastic weekend at eastern most part of Long Island.

Every morning we walked to the Montauk Bake Shop for coffee and breakfast. While I didn't eat the lobster cookies above for my first morning meal--I should have.

A trip down to the marina revealed that Gosman's Dock was closed for the season, but we made a new discovery as a result: The Dock. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the tuna melt sandwich, which is a hunk of fresh-out-of-the-Atlantic tuna steak, melted cheddar cheese and a shockingly ripe tomato served on a toasted English muffin. I am so sad that I didn't take a photo, it was worthy of a snap.

We stopped in at Teddy Roosevelt State Park to take a peek at my former home. While we were there, we communed with the horses, who live on the adjoining ranch.

The smoked marlin dip from the fish market just north of the center of downtown (I forget the name) is out of this world. You may be skeptical about serving it on a Ritz cracker with a pickled jalapeno pepper, but trust me, this is the only way to eat it, preferably just before dusk at the Point with a cold beer or a glass of crisp white wine.

Above is a view from the bluffs at the Point just after the sun has set.

Walking on the beach is pretty much the best way to spend an afternoon in Montauk. Pick up sea glass and shells as you walk.

Or, you can lie on a blanket, drink a Miller Lite and take an afternoon siesta, as our friend did above.

Or you can just drink beers and eat potato chips.

Or for the sporty, I highly recommend a game of Pro Kadima.


Sarah L. said...

I adore your photos! They're beautiful. What kind of camera and program do you use?

Laura Fenton said...

I used ShakeItPhoto, which is an iPhone app to convert photos into these "polaroids." Some of them were taken with my iPhone and some with my Canon G10. However, it would have been hard to take a bad photo on the beach in Montauk.


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