Give Me Simple Desserts

Monday, November 22, 2010

While magazines are filled with unusual Thanksgiving dessert suggestions (Spiced pumpkin cheesecake! Quince crumble! Apple maple upside down cake!), I'm the type of gal who like apple pie and pumpkin pie, served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream respectively. For our dinner we're going to try a Bourbon Pumpkin Pie recipe from the November issue of Gourmet magazine (the last issue they ever published), which is about the farthest I would stray from simple, Thanksgiving classics. Our second pie will be an apple pie with a crumble top -- a best of both worlds solution for those who like pie crust and those who like the crumb topping of a crisp. What about you, dear readers? What will you be baking for Turkey Day?


Jennifer said... !!

flwrjane said...

I might try and bake a pie,though crusts are my nemesis. But we did bake a pumpkin and now have a freezer bag of puree.......

Maybe. Happy Thanksgiving.

xo jane

Laura Fenton said...

Jane, I bought two pre-made, frozen pie crusts -- with all the hassle of Thanksgiving, I figure, who needs to tackle a pie crust? And Jennifer, hah! I am sure the cake is lovely, but in my book, T-Day is old fashioned classics ;)

Liz Fenton said...

Pretty much the same thing, though adding some cranberries to the apple pie and using the Chez Panisse pumpkin pie recipe. I'm also going to make some pumpkin frozen yoghurt, since I have some Greek yoghurt that's about to expire--will let you know how that works out. And ditto on the pie crusts!


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