Martha Stewart Turkeys: Oh my.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

As we gear up for Thanksgiving, I have been contemplating the turkey itself: Should I order one at the farmer's market? Should I get one through our local fancy-schmancy food market? Or should I save my pennies and just buy an affordable grocery store bird? While debating my options, I took a peek at what is offering in teh way of Thanksgiving birds.

Low and behold, I found that Fresh Direct is carrying Martha Stewart-branded turkeys -- who knew? I'd heard that Martha was doing a line of hams for Costco, but turkeys are new news to me. At $2.99 per pound, it's pretty affordable and definitely a better deal than the "heritage" turkey offered at $7.99 a pound. A little googling revealed this tidbit from the Star-Ledger:
About the Martha Stewart young turkeys: The 10- to 24-pound fresh turkeys, produced in partnership with natural turkey-grower Plainville Farms, are vegetarian-fed and antibiotic-free. They’re available at Kings and McCaffrey’s supermarkets and online at For Thanksgiving delivery, the online turkeys, which are frozen for shipping, must be ordered today before midnight. Online prices are $69.99 for a 12-pound turkey and $89.99 for an 18-pounder.
I'm definitely tempted to give Marty's turkey a try. My only hesitation is that I won't have control over the size of the bird: It says approx. 11 lbs., but in my experience FreshDirect's estimates can be way off: A recent whole chicken we ordered was more than 5 lbs. (huge!) instead of the expected 3 1/2.


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

what? a martha turkey? now i have seen it all. i guess costco isn't carrying them. seems kind of pricey. 70 bucks for a turkey.

i'm on the fence...thinking about it....guess i better make up my mind by today...thanks for the tip, my friend



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