Inspiration: Modern Gingerbread Houses

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My sweet (no pun intended) friend Jane sent me this link when she read about my modernist gingerbread dreaming. Last year, Creative Room challenged 10 architects and designers to create "candy-filled homage to The Case Study House Program organized by Arts and Architecture Magazine from 1945 to 1964." Here are a few of my favorite designs. However, I think I can do better, don't you? Details of gingerbread project coming tonight, but here's a link to a video in the meantime (it's finally up online on AOL!).


Elizabeth said...

My aunt used to host the most amazing graham cracker house building parties when I was a kid and some really great creations came of them. I remember my cousin made the Twin Towers one year. I'll have to get some pictures from my parents for you. The icing (consistency, speed of drying) was always crucial to making the best structures. We used bread knives to saw them - but the teeth isn't a bad idea!

Liz Fenton said...

Maybe you'll make one for me! I like the midcentury-modern notion--or maybe ranch--and lots of examples around here. Or maybe some gingerbread bird houses, which they could eat after the holidays!

Laura Fenton said...

Liz E., yes please photos! Mom, yes of course, we'll make you a gingerbread house, and I LOVE the idea of bird houses that could be eaten!

hollie said...

Hello Laura,

I just wanted to let you know that I have linked to your blog from a post I have compiled about some of my favourite gingerbread houses, here is the link : lipstick and balloons : modern gingerbread houses

I hope you don't mind me doing so, I came across some of the creative room submissions on your lovely blog whilst searching on google. If it's any problem I will remove the links :)

Hollie x

lipstick and balloons


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