Thing I Love: Ginger Peach Tea

Thursday, January 06, 2011

I'm sitting at my desk enjoying a cup of The Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach tea, and it occurred to me that I've been drinking (and loving) this particular tincture for more than sixteen years. The coffee shop craze hit suburban Connecticut, where I grew up, in the early 90s. In the fall of 1994 I got my very first job at a shop called Arcadia Coffee. Ginger Peach tea was one of the store's teas, and occasionally the smell and taste of it will take me back to my teenage barista days.

I loved that job. I loved the independence of making my own money. I was thrilled talking to the customers who came in. I actually enjoyed frothing milk -- and I was good at it. On the days I opened I adored eating the chocolate croissants for breakfast. I was in awe of the Italian lesbian who ran the shop and played Gypsy Kings non-stop on the stereo. I even loved the smell of Pine Sol when I mopped the floors at the end of the day. It's along time ago now, but I remember much of those coffee shop days as clearly as things that happened to me last week.


Marideth Post said...

Dear Laura,

The Ministers of The Republic of Tea would love to send you a tin of each of our Ginger Peach Teas - black, green and white.

Please send me your preferred shipping street address. E-mail:

Thank you for being a Citizen of The Republic of Tea.

Marideth Post
Minister of Enlightenment
The Republic of Tea

jaime said...

this is so crazy. i have had the exact same experience with this ginger peach tea working as a barista in college. i still have some on hand in my house and i still talk about that job as my favorite ever. making the perfect cappuccino is so rewarding and in a way it's like being a drug dealer with the regulars needing their coffee fix. we need to get together some time over ginger peach tea.

Laura Fenton said...

Jaime, I would LOVE to get together over ginger peach tea. That makes me smile that you were a barista too.


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