Dorothy Draper on Weddings

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I cannot believe I have not mentioned it before, but I adore Dorothy Draper's Entertaining is Fun!: How to be a Popular Hostess. I believe this cheerful tome offers advise that is often surprisingly relevant today, despite having been written in 1941. Plus, reading about 1940s entertaining is a hoot. With my impending nuptials on the horizon, I decided to re-read Ms. Draper's thoughts on weddings and other special occasion. Here are some gems:

"A wedding in the family -- your own, your sister's or your child's -- is a very special sort of occasion. For one thing, even in these practical times, a wedding gives you a perfectly good opportunity to be as sentimental as you like. It allows you to satisfy all your love of romance." Permission to be a sap -- I love it!

"If you're having a dancing party whatever else you may decide to economize on don't let it be the music." What would Dorothy Draper think of an iPod loaded up with all our favorite songs? I suspect she would approve.

"It's entirely a matter of personal choice. Which one you choose depends on the size of your house and of hte church (if you plan to be married there) and on the amount of money you are willing to spend on a wedding. You also have to take into account the size of your family and his and the number of friends and relations you decide must be invited." Must is the operative word here. My fiancé and I had originally drafted a list of 80 people who must be invited. After consulting with our parents, that number quickly grew to more than 100.


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