Paul Bernier's Clever Details

Monday, June 20, 2011

A lot of the time Dwell magazine leaves me cold: I have trouble relating to the super-pristine homes of architects and other design elite, but this house by Paul Bernier was a different story: I loved almost everything about it, from the vines he has trained to the exterior of the house (lovely, right?) to the simple, wall-mounted bedside tables. Check out the full slideshow on to see more of this amazing house. Here are some of the details I liked best:

The addition to the house is quite small, but it adds much-needed space without eating up too much of their outdoor ares. I love how there's a wall of windows and sliding doors to open the room right up to the garden in warm weather.
The green roof kills me! I love the way it makes the house's courtyard feel even more garden-y. Plus, most green roofs seem to be planted with succulents or other low-growing, non-leafy plants. I like seeing something lush instead.

Sure, it's probably not that practical, but I love the light mounted on an old-fashioned pulley. And could that nightstand get an more minimalistic? I think it's a super-smart solution to a small space, and I can't helping thinking how easy it would be to sweep/vacuum under.

The simple cabinetry is super-appealing, I love how Bernier simply cut out holes and rectangles on many of the drawers and cabinets in lieu of pulls or handles. I also like the combination of close cabinets and some open shelving.



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