Cutting Wedding Costs: Cake

Thursday, July 21, 2011

While I'm on the subject of cutting costs, let's talk about cakes. Neither of us felt strongly about having a wedding cake, and we had vetoed the idea of cutting the cake and feeding it to one another at the reception (it just seemed a little silly to us). So when I found out that even a simple wedding cake would cost $450, I decided we'd forgo the traditional cake and opt for cupcakes instead. A local baker has said they could do the cupcakes for just $27.25/dozen, which would put us at $220 for eight dozen.

Now the big question is: Do we need to rent small cake plates ($.075/plate) or can we just have our guests pick up a cupcake and a cocktail napkin? What do you think?


Helena said...

I love getting rid of the cake to save money - they are crazy expensive!! I probably wouldn't need a plate. I'd say it depends on the timing of cake-serving. If you have dinner, dance a little, then serve, people will be more likely to pick it up and use the wrapper as a "plate" (like, eat standing up, perhaps on the dance floor).

Fabulously Awkward said...

We did cupcakes for our wedding receptions as well and opted for the cocktail napkins in lieu of cake plates. I don't think anyone minded at all.

Laura Fenton said...

Thanks for the encouragement: Cake plates are definitely on the chopping block!

Tim Fenton said...

Forget the plates.

Liz Fenton said...

You could also consider having some small plastic or paper plates on hand.

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