Brilliant: Stump de Noel

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I had a little chuckle two years ago when Food + Wine magazine featured a "stump de Noël" (a cheeky twist on the classic Bûche de Noël). The stump cake had been made for a feature by the folks behind the Brooklyn bakery Baked. So, when I saw a Stump de Noël Bundt Cake Pan in the Williams-Sonoma I knew exactly where they'd found the inspiration for the cake mold. Upon closer inspection, I saw that Williams-Sonoma is also offering a cake mix from Baked to make their version of the cake. I was pleased to see that they'd given a nod to original creators of the stump de Noël.

I am planning to make my own classic Bûche de Noël this year, and I even swore to myself that I'd attempt the meringue mushrooms -- I'll let you know how it goes!

UPDATE (Dec. 2012): With the holidays around the corner, this post has popped up again as a popular post. Unfortunately, the pan is no longer available. A representative from Nordicware tells me the Stump De Noel pan was an exclusive with William Sonoma, which is now discontinued. It looks like there are a few used ones floating around on e-commerce sites, if you're still looking for one. Or you could follow the directions to make the original (more complicated) version by Baked.


Susie said...

We have a running joke here that the Stump is the redneck version of the Bouche (I am in Tennessee!) But darn it's cute, and that pan has my name on it...but that stump table from an earlier post is awesome too!

Laura Fenton said...

Hah! Very funny! I just figured it was the lazy version of a buche.


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