My New Desk

Friday, November 04, 2011

When Weston moved in, I began renting office space, so we wouldn't be too cramped for space at home. However, after a year of renting (in three different locations), I decided that I'd rather save the money and work from home again, especially since he's rarely here during the week. After two months of using the dining table as my "desk," we decided to look for a piece of furniture that could act as my workspace.

I found this little oak secretary on Craigslist for $200. We had to drive up to Greenwich, CT to get it, but it was well-worth the trip. I'm thrilled to have a workspace that I can close up when company comes over, and it's nice to have a "real" piece of furniture, not just something from IKEA. I'm still using a dining chair as a desk chair, but that's fine by me.

Oh, and the amazing painting over my desk? It was the best wedding gift we received. It is a painting by my grandfather, which my parents generously gave to us as our gift from them (after I not-so-subtly asked for one). Every time I look at it, I am thrilled to have it in my home. Thank you again for the amazing gift Mom and Dad!


Tim Fenton said...

My dad would have been proud to see his final painting hanging in his granddaughter's living room. He'd also be proud to have you, Laura, as his granddaughter (and Anne too). It is such a shame that my parents did not get to experience their granddaughters' lives.

Laura Fenton said...

Awww, Dad, we're sorry we didn't get to know them. I am thrilled to hear that my grandfather would have been happy to see his painting in our home.

Elizabeth said...

Stop making me cry, Tim & Laura!
That desk and the painting look perfect there!

Liz Fenton said...

The desk looks great--and it is a lot like the one Pat M. has moved from CA to London to Sussex. And the painting does look terrific above the desk.

Simon Thompson said...

The painting was the first thing I noticed in your photo. I really like it The use of colour is very striking and it really jumps out at you. It's nice you're doing it justice by putting it in a prime position where it can be admired every day.


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