(Almost) Perfect Water Bottle

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yesterday I spotted this great-looking water bottle at Whole Foods. I am fond of a similar water keeper that I own. With its bamboo top and shiny metal sides, the Klean Kanteen Reflect Stainless Steel BPA Free Water Bottle is almost handsome enough to justify the $30 price tag, but why, oh why must it be emblazoned with a large-ish Klean Kanteen logo? Note to manufacturers: If you're appealing to aesthetes, make your logo teeny tiny or invisible. Trust me, we'll love you for it. Besides, the best designs don't need a logo: They'll be identifiable all on their own (think Moleskine notebooks).


jennie said...

I have a green Kleen Kanteen bottle, and the logo washed off very easily. Not sure if that would be the case with a plain/non-colored steel version, though.

Lynn said...

Amen. You are SO RIGHT about this - I refuse to buy emblazoned stuff.
Here in the Netherlands, we have some great kitchen accoutrements being marketed, but the chef's name (HERMAN!) highlighted on every item means I will not buy a single thing.
And I actually wonder who would!


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