2012 Foodie Reading List

Friday, January 13, 2012

I read a lot. In addition to the many newspapers and magazines I read each month, I usually take in ate least two full-length books, and I wish I had time to read more. Reading about food is a favorite pastime, and I will even sit down with a cookbook and read it like a novel. So, I would love to add more food-related tomes into my rotation this year. Here are a few titles I have bookmarked as ones to-read:

The Sweet Life In Paris
My parents sent this to me before my trip to Paris, and instead of tearing through it by myself, I decided I would read it out loud to my husband on our trip, so we could both enjoy it together. I had no idea how slowly we'd move through it (we are nowhere near to done), but it's been fun to share this book.
The Apprentice: My Life In The Kitchen
Jacques Pepin, let me count the ways in which I love him. I gave this book to my mother for Christmas, and I'm hoping she might lend it to me to read after she has finished.

The Table Comes First
I fell in love with Adam Gopnik as an undergraduate reading the New Yorker. The "Paris Journals" were wonderful, and my heart nearly broke when he came back to the States. (It occurs to me that surely, David Lebowitz has read Gopnik's collection of essays from that period.) I got over it when I realized how much I enjoyed Gopnik's writing about New York. I'll read pretty much anything he writes, and if it's about food, all the better!

Best Food Writing 2011
Growing up my parents always got the best short fiction collections of each year. Starting with 2011, I'd like to get into the habit of purchasing the best food writing.

What about you? Have you read any good food-related books recently? Do you have anything to recommend? 


Liz Fenton said...

I finished the book and will give it to you when you come. It was great! I gave Lynne the Gopnik book and hope to read it when she's done; I will look for the best food writing book.


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