Have You Seen Lucky Peach?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lucky Peach is a new magazine being published by McSweeney's and Momofuku’s David Chang.  I read a post on Ruth Reichl's blog in which she praised the publication, so I made a note to check it out. Shortly thereafter, I saw a copy for sale at Greenlight, our beloved, local bookstore and decided to give it a whirl.

It's a very odd little magazine. Reichl calls it, "fearless, irreverent, well-written and brilliantly art-directed." I'd agree with her on almost all points except the art direction -- the look of the magazine doesn't really appeal to me (sometimes it seems like the editors at Lucky Peach are more interested in grossing you out than getting you excited about food). However, I loved the articles I read, and I would definitely pick up another issue in the future. There's also one thing about this magazine that made it worth the hefty cover price: The recipe for Momofuku Milk's corn cookie! This is THE BEST COOKIE EVER; if you haven't ever had one and you live in New York City, head directly to the bakery and buy yourself a corn cookie. For those of you who don't,  I will dutifully make the recipe and report back to you about my results.



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