Washing Sofa Slipcovers

Monday, February 27, 2012

I successfully washed the slipcover to my Jasper sofa from Room & Board for the first time this past weekend. It had gotten very dusty during the renovation, so it was time to give it a wash. However, I was a little nervous to launder it, since it wasn't exactly cheap at $549. In the past, I recklessly washed the covers for my various Ikea sofas without much worry (and tons of bleach) because they were so cheap.

I followed Room & Board's instructions to the letter, and everything worked out fine. If you're thinking about washing your own slipcover, note that it will dry faster than you think -- even using the low-heat setting on the dryer, mine was nearly dry after just 17 minutes. Post-washing the cover has a slightly wrinkled look (as you can see in the not-so-great photo above), but I think that's to be expected from any linen that you haven't ironed. Personally, I kind of like the look of a soft, mildly wrinkled linen. There was a complaint of the Room & Board site about fading, but I don't notice any fading of the fabric.

Also, renovation photos coming soon -- I just want to get everything looking great before I share!


Susanna Carrillo said...

here is a huge tip...
i have custom slips for all my sit-upons...all white and yes with 2 small children, a dog + a fat hairy cat. I bleach the bejesus out them, wash only on cold, put on the speediest, fasted spin, then take out of the dryer whilst still wet and THEN put them on sit-upons yes whilst still damp. I lean cushions against so the bottoms dry..usually overnight. They are wrinkle-free and are super easy to put on......just a tip from someone who knows...works like a charm every time...speaking of which..we are long overdue...need to throw them ALL in the wash asap!

Laura Fenton said...

Thanks for the tip Susanna!

Mattie said...

Well I used to clean homes with my mil- and this was something that I could totally see a difference when we did a "one time clean" or "first time clean". That's it.


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